Why does the temperature matter when storing wine?

Why does the temperature matter when storing wine?

The process of ageing and storing wine is not as complicated as one may think. The main component of correctly ageing your wine is to ensure that the temperature is appropriate. Therefore this blog will examine why wine needs to be stored at the correct temperature, the ideal temperatures for each particular wine, options to store your wine in, and any helpful tips or advice for ageing wine.  Moreover, suppose you are searching for a wine fridge. It may be beneficial to consider purchasing a dual zone built in wine cooler—more specifically, a miele wine fridge, as they are a well-endowed brand.

Why should it be stored at a specific temperature? 

While most are aware that wine needs to be stored within the correct temperature and room environment, one may not know why. Therefore allow this to provide some insight. A bottle of wine needs to be aged at the correct temperature to avoid ageing prematurely or becoming ruined due to its storage conditions. Furthermore, storing wine at the correct temperature will ensure that it ages correctly and that the flavours and components remain balanced.

The ideal temperatures to store your wine

It may be beneficial to know at which degrees each specific wine type should be stored when it comes to storing wine correctly. Therefore, one should keep all their full-bodied reds at a temperature of 19°C-17°C. Moreover, all medium-to-light bodied wines would ideally be kept within the range of 16°C-12°C. Furthermore, any dry whites, such as Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Italian Whites, etc., would be content in the temperature 12°C-8°C. Lastly, any sweet or sparkling wines would ideally be kept between 8°Cand 5°C.

Options to store your wine in

When storing your wine, you want to ensure that you can store it at the correct temperature. Therefore, here are the following ideal storage options. Firstly, the most common choice is a wine cellar. While some individuals are lucky to either purchase a home with one already available or build their own one, some may not be able to afford such privileges; in that case, one can consider making a makeshift cellar. One can achieve this by using any leftover space from a walk-in cupboard, wardrobe or empty room. However, it is essential to note that this option would be ideal for day drinkers, not to store your wine for the long term as one cannot control the temperature. The final option is purchasing a wine cooler or fridge. These are ideal as one can adjust the settings and change the temperature. In some cases, one can buy a dual-zone cooler which allows you to have more than one temperature within the cooler.


Tips for storing wine successfully.

When storing wine, it is essential to lay the wine bottle horizontally. This especially applies to bottles with a cork. Therefore, laying the bottle down will allow the wine to keep the cork moist, preventing it from drying out and having oxygen seep in. Furthermore, if you want to avoid the labels from becoming damaged, one can place a cellar sleeve or plastic protector over them, which will prevent any moisture from loosening the label. Moreover, when serving wine, make sure you adjust the temperature according to the correct serving temperature to ensure you can fully experience all the flavours within the wine.

It’s essential to store wine correctly and at the correct temperature. Doing so will allow the wine to age successfully and maintain the balance in flavours. There are many options for storing one’s wine: a wine cellar, wine cooler/fridge, etc.

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