Create Stylish & Functional Kids Room

Create Stylish & Functional Kids Room

Looking for tips on creating a stylish but also practical kid’s room? While specific style choices naturally vary, crafting a functional and easily transformable space is the most tricky part here. Interior designers share a few valuable tips for selecting window treatments, furniture and deciding on a colour pallet. Read on to learn more.

Smart Window Treatments

Window treatments cause a lot of questions. Thus, there‘s no surprise that some of the biggest kid‘s room interior mistakes are related to window shields. Matching texture, colour and design are essential, but look for valuable functions too. Also, consider not only inside-mounted but external window shades too. Automatically, you‘ll have decluttered space, less dust, and fewer worries about fabric maintenance.

Modern external shields are waterproof and have UV and heat protection. They can be controlled manually or automatically. Market experts offer products compatible with innovative home systems, so there’s even a remote control option. To sum up, you get modern design, easy maintenance and more space in the room. Let alone the resources saved on air conditioning.

Durable Furniture

No matter the age of your kid, think a few years ahead. What designers try to say – it’s better to choose long-lasting main furniture and experiment with decorations. Invest in an easy transformable base rather than thematic furniture that won’t be relevant shortly.

For instance, opt for a bigger bed, spacious wardrobe, comfortable desk and shelving. Then, create a unique style with bedding, paintings, vases, carpets and other details. This way, it’s easy to transform a kid’s room into a teenager’s space. Most importantly, with no high costs.

Well-Thought-Out Colour Pallet

Finally, the same rule applies to the colour pallet. As for the base (bed, cabinet furniture, walls and flooring), choose neutral colours. Then, create a unique atmosphere with bright accents, such as the before-mentioned carpets, paintings and toys. Despite the stylistics, this rule will help you maintain a harmonious style and craft an easily transformable kid’s room.

It seems like the playful style and functionality can go along just perfectly. The essential things here are planning and investing in durability and functionality. Start with washable paint for walls, long-lasting flooring and solid furniture. Don’t forget that window treatment plays a huge role when thinking of light and positive space – somewhere to concentrate and have a quality sleep.

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