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This cleaner is the Pet version, which means that it has an anti-tangle motorised brush head, which really works: we didn’t end up with any hair clogging this cleaner up. Performance on carpet and hard floors was excellent, and this is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners that we’ve tested.

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Explore dozens of beautiful kitchen backsplash ideas comprising all different materials, colors and designs. Then again, you don’t want to be paying more than you need for an appliance that – ultimately – simply sucks up dirt from the floors. This simple way to add more prep space and storage is also extremely elegant. Here are some of our favorites for adding extra color and even fragrance to our indoor gardens.

Rather than remove the room’s original radiator to create more space, the interior designers at The New Design Project covered it with a decorative wooden ledge, creating a wide shelf for sunning plants and displaying books and knickknacks. A sleek, frameless shower and spa-style soaking tub replace the bulky shower stall and create an open, airy feeling in the space.

Find out how much of each you have in your soil, and what you need to add more of to get the best growing plants. Once you take out the wires from the cable and start connecting them, you may end up with red (traveler) wire going to the brass-colored screws (or terminals) and black (hot) wire to the black (or dark) colored screws (or terminals).

For an easy and affordable backyard idea, outfit urban spaces or blank walls with vertical gardens This simple, budget-friendly garden project can be used for growing pretty succulents or even low-growing vegetables. Italian farm style house designs almost always have arched porch details.

You can easily store this riding lawn mower in a garage or shed, and it’s great for medium-sized landscapes along with even terrain. Use a shovel, gloves, gardening trowel, a garden fork, baskets or buckets to hold weeds, and a watering can at least. Allow just enough room for a breakfast bar at one end, to tuck bar stools under – utilising the rest of the island as valuable kitchen storage.


2. Snowblower - If you’re someone who just loves to mow at all times of year – or just lives in the colder parts of the world – then finding a mower compatible with a snowblower attachment is essential. This easy DIY outdoor project can be completed in a weekend, and your family can enjoy bonfires for years to come. This easy-care houseplant will tolerate a little neglect in terms of how much you water, bouncing back quickly if it does happen to dry out too much. Frameless showers have become the next best thing in the world of bathroom walk in shower ideas. You can also match the wooden counter of a kitchen island to the wooden floors.

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If you need help designing and laying out the bathroom, getting help from an interior designer is beneficial. Even if you have a very small yard or patio area where you can garden, you can grow a large number of plants this way. Control: Mulch your garden to prevent yellow sweet clover. Luxury bathroom features a deep soaking tub and a modern fireplace fixed on the fabulous mosaic tile accent wall. With just the right mirror, a modern bathroom can be transformed with country cottage style. Contemporary touches, including a large sink and wall-mount faucet, modernize the space while still staying true to the overall vibe.

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The neutral colors seen in this space allow the eye-catching coffee table to shine. Here, the backyard is primarily made up of wooden planks and stone squares, which don’t require water. Finally, add Christmas lawn decorations as the jewel in your Christmas crown. The marble-tiled walls and ceiling elegantly elevate the simply furnished small bathroom. This modern self portrait by Chuck Close is a bold contrast to the chinoiserie wallpaper (Iksel’s Eastern Eden) behind it in this Miles Redd -designed home.

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