Country style bathroom with an eye-catching checkered flooring and vaulted ceiling mounted with recessed lights. Forget the Dewey Decimal System; designer Kendall Simmons let color be her guide when arranging this bookcase. An oversized, traditional-style vanity visually anchors this bathroom.

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To download this Walk In Shower Ideas (5) in High Resolution, right click on the image and choose “Save Image and then you will get this image about Walk In Shower Ideas (5). This bright kitchen stands below a massive vaulted ceiling with exposed natural wood beams, centered on a massive island with a full-size dining table extension for 3-sided eating (see more kitchen islands with seating here ). The glass surface shows off the rich wood construction, which contrasts with the lighter hardwood flooring and white cabinetry throughout the kitchen.

The designers opened the bathroom floorplan by swapping the clunky corner tub for this timeless, freestanding soaker. With its black countertops, gold hardware and pale pink island, the space is the perfect mix of bold and glamorous. Try to avoid placing seating in tight spaces between the kitchen island and the outer cabinets, as this could disrupt the ease and flow of your kitchen.

There are two somewhat small two-way surround or rear speakers. For a discussion of how to wire such circuits, see 3-way and 4-way light switches That page and its links also discuss proper wire colors and several wiring alternatives. For a cohesive look, pick a soft hue and use it on both walls and cabinets like this Georgia sporting cabin The “z-back” detailing and wood counter add even more country charm to this neutral bathroom.

Since it’s used in so many different ways, it’s important for your living room to be outfitted with the right furniture, including a comfortable sofa , and decorative pieces. A smoke-free fire pit can offer you the warmth and coziness any time of the year while enjoying the outdoor views.

This gorgeous luxury kitchen has dark flooring and countertops contrasted with a white theme throughout. Designer Anna Braund lines this transitional living room’s windows with a bench seat that offers the same amount of lounge space as the traditional sofa. Where you have the space, in the case in this open-plan kitchen extension idea , use a kitchen island to bridge the gap between functional kitchen space and social dining elements.

The most influential ancient gardens in the western world were Ptolemy ‘s gardens at Alexandria and the gardening tradition brought to Rome by Lucullus. Since you can store its chairs below the countertop, you will get extra space for your kitchen activities.


Find out how much of each you have in your soil, and what you need to add more of to get the best growing plants. Despite recent controversy, Antpool remains the largest Bitcoin mining pool in terms of its Bitcoin network hash rate. Reviewers also praised the included motorized pet attachment for cleaning up cat hair on furniture. It’s powered by a single-cylinder engine to make mowing tasks faster and easier. In fact, gardening doesn’t even have to be an outside thing — growing plants indoors can provide many of the same stress-reducing benefits as gardening outside, while also improving indoor air quality.

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One design technique that has catapulted farmhouse decor into the mainstream spotlight is the sliding barn door Both practical and stylish, this on-trend accent nods to the agricultural roots of modern farmhouse style. A 4-by-8 foot bed is the right size to use square-foot gardening so you can maximize space. If you’re interested in a particular mower featured in this article, just click any of our links and you will be directed to Amazon or Home Depot – where you can review more details about that riding mower, or place an order, and set up free delivery (where available – suppliers may vary).

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With a bar and a large island at the center of the kitchen, there is no shortage of space for a snack or cooking prep. Just hang them from the walls to create a unique design feature that also saves floor space. Check your local garden center for seed packets and look at the label to see how long they take to grow, when is the best time to plant them, and how much water they need. The large island in black with light granite countertops stands in stark contrast as a centerpiece element.

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