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When deciding on your bathroom decor, you may want to take a particular piece of art as a starting point and use the colors present throughout your space. This bathroom does just that and, like the larger bathroom we looked before, let’s the shower sit to the side to draw attention to the standalone tub.

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Explore pictures of gorgeous kitchen islands for layout ideas and design inspiration ranging from traditional to unique. The transitional sofa features a classic low profile silhouette, button tuft details and nail-head trim all paired with the modern slate blue velvet upholstery. Fill a kitchen bowl with souvenirs from a favorite vacation, then display it on your coffee table — or bookshelf or mantel — for a happy reminder of an enjoyable getaway that will add a touch of faraway color or texture.

Use them to your advantage instead with clever walk in shower designs. The decorative scheme in this bathroom is utterly light and minimal including white storage cabinets and wooden roof beams that add a dreamy feel to this bathroom. With a single 18HP Troy-Bilt OHV engine and a large 42” cutting deck with two blades, this Troy-Bilt mower can tackle large properties easily.

A light wallpaper like in this bathroom designed by Studio DB keeps things feeling sweet and airy. Gardens in ancient Egypt were often surrounded by walls with trees planted in rows. Itten’s color wheel is based on red, yellow, and blue colors as the primary triad and includes twelve hues.

Fire Pits come in a variety of styles and features, fuel sources, and price ranges. So if you come to the point that you will buy a wood-burning fire pit, these are the top things you should consider. This Troy-Bilt mower is a great option for smaller residential yards (under 1 acre), or for those needing a budget-friendly price.

If you have limited lawn space, vertical gardening is the best way to use the room you do have available. Designed by Studio Razavi , this Parisian apartment is a beautiful blend of modern and Neoclassical style. Modern Farmhouse design draws tremendous inspiration from industrial, classic and traditional styles that are known to exist independently and tends to incorporate some of the striking minimalist and contemporary features of the era.


According to color theory, harmonious color combinations use any two colors opposite each other on the color wheel, any three colors equally spaced around the color wheel forming a triangle, or any four colors forming a rectangle (actually, two pairs of colors opposite each other). Put the towel rack on the back of the bathroom door if you do not have space on the walls in the bathroom. Particularly if you have a small kitchen or if you have a lot of things in your kitchen, the kitchen island can provide a great, hidden space to store cooking equipment. Instead of white walls, try a soft gray.

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This lightweight but powerful cordless vacuum weighs only 7 lbs. Different kinds of fire pits can be created on wood decks. Porch, Rear: 393 sq. ft. To increase the efficiency of a walk in shower, floating corner shelves and a small hanging bench may be incorporated to the design. Reviews praise this vacuum cleaner’s carpet-cleaning prowess, while noting that it picked up nearly all of the debris on bare floors, too. Wiring for a 4-way switch is not difficult to accomplish if you avoid some basic mistakes (one of which is connecting the wrong wires that come from 3-way switches into a 4-way switch).

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You can see in the bathroom above that the glass works well with the wall that’s partially blue next to it. In fact, it takes on that tone even though the wall behind it is completely white. If you are wondering about true surround sound headsets, these can be even more pricey. If you share a small bathroom, consider tiered storage bins and cubbies to keep go-to items close at hand and neatly contained.

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