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The resulting patio makeover turned the drab backyard into a modern outdoor room. Consolidating your seating to a single sofa will decrease the visual clutter in your tight quarters and create an illusion of a larger space. This kitchen island design keeps the kids in mind, too, so it can be a hangout space for the whole family.

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Walk In Showers Walk In Shower Walk in showers from Orbry or Marmox are practical and stylish additions to any wet room or bathroom. For delicate rugs and hard floors, the brush bar can be turned off. A fixed glass panel separates this shower from the rest of the small bathroom. Add the idyllic charm of the old Spanish country home kitchen with this functional and practical kitchen island. 1st Floor: 2,270 sq. ft.

Teak makes for a great outdoor dining tabletop or it can for armrests on outdoor chairs. Grab a tiered spice rack and load it with beauty supplies under your bathroom sink. Pale new flooring ties in beautifully with the bright and eclectic new furniture she chose for the space, and a standalone marble fireplace is on-trend and simple enough to stand the test of time.

The system may seem pricy as there are cheaper options but very few sound systems will come close to a Sonos home theater speaker setup. Choosing a durable mower made of high-quality materials will also ensure its reliability and longevity, so you don’t have to purchase another one after just a short period of time.

The space is separated from the rest of the bathroom by floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Decorate your tree in green holly leaf lights ($11), red poinsettia bulbs ($11), or our favorite option— festive Christmas bird lights ($11). Create a centerpiece vignette for your island in your favorite style, whether it’s rustic, vintage or modern.

Nothing says modernity more than a luxurious sunken bath, and the look can be easily achieved with tileable bath panels With simple yet sophisticated white furniture from the Larsen range , luxurious grey mineral tiles and wood effect shower wall panels, this bathroom is truly opulent.

The common feature of fire pits is that they are designed to contain fire and prevent it from spreading. Just put seeds in the soil (how deep depends on the plant) before covering them back up with dirt and water. For the best defense against allergens, a vacuum must also be sealed,” meaning no air escapes from other cracks and crevices and everything that comes out of the vacuum passes through the HEPA filter.


This winter provides the perfect excuse to get cozy, and a great way of doing this is by incorporating warm colors to a space. Here you can see that the bathroom is narrow but the space is optimized well by a long rug and counter that lead down to the focal point of the shower. Crepe-paper-like blooms in shades of red, pink, orange, or yellow dangle among flowering maple’s leaves like festive lanterns. You could use this style on your bathroom with the offering 2.975 Euro. You can add any number of 4-way switches to this circuit as long as you install only 4-way switches “between” the travelers of two 3-way switches.

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The heart of the CineHome Pro is the WiSA certified CineHub which connects the speakers to the audio sources. A macramé wall hanging reminiscent of a fishing net adds interest above the mantel while a slew of weathered, teal and white tiles wrap the fireplace in seaside charm down below. Designers replace the flat, white door with a stately, black paneled door to create a handsome first impression in the remodeled hall bath. In tight-on-space baths, shelves like this wall-mounted structure with three cubby shelves are a boon. This evergreen perennial totes white or purple coloring, and earns points in the low-maintenance shrub department for its adaptability in acidic soil.

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Whether you’re adding an elegant marble slab and bench or you prefer pale, soothing tile patterns, you can truly personalize your shower so it’s perfect for you and the decor style of your whole bathroom. You might have to add to that the cost of waterproofing the space which will be around $2,000 plus. LG’s latest cordless vacuum cleaner can mop as well as suck and at the same time, so you’ll be able to get sparkling hard floors as well as dust-free carpets with ease.

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